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  • Can we change the colors in the animation?
    Most of the colors are easily changed to work well with your can artwork. Text colors and solid background colors are very easy to change. Just email us with your order number and requested colors. If you know the specific hex code for the color you want, even better.
  • Can we change the font?
    Fonts in the animated text are easily changed. Email us which font you want and if we already have it, then we can quickly change it. If we don't already own the font and it is not available from Adobe Fonts, you would need to provide us with the font, in order to work with it.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept most credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • Do you accept Beer as payment?
    As enticing as that sounds, we might not be able to get any work done if we started doing that. But if you are local to the Bay Area, we love to come by for a pint and talk about brewing.
  • Do you do custom animations?
    Yes, but since most of these animations are already built, the cost is based on the time involved to create it with your label and your text. Customizing requires additional time and cost. But yes, if you want something custom, email us and we can discuss what can be done at a reasonable price.
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